A Look Back and a Look Ahead
by Nancy Choquette


A Look Back
Thank you, Father Carlo Stirpe, for all you have done for us.

Looking back over the past eleven years, what a rush! Do you remember what was and now what is as far as the physicality,the growth in spirituality, the homilies and the teachings that stoked us? The Faith Community began a new phase of rebirth!It was invigorating and Parish Life and worship flourished.

Physically we have seen the Church restored, the Parish Center and Rectory refurbished and refreshed and the Stations of Mercy rising towards the heavens on Historic Manley Field. The grass and vines in the gardens surrounding the church that were planted 3 years ago have matured into fullness and offer a sanctuary for those who stop to meditate along the way.

The homilies, teaching and ministry gatherings with Father Carlo to develop programs and socials edified those who availed themselves to dig deeply in their souls; coming together as one to build up of our Faith Community. Inspiring is the word that resonates with all of us. Some of us just know that Father never sleeps, or at least when he does, he is flooded with new ideas and creative programs and liturgical planning, He is amazing to say the least.

Socially we had dinners, The 200 Club, Club 50, the Bazaar, the Tour of Homes, a Book Club and my favorite - Christmas in the Country, where we had a delightful music venue and a wonderful dinner at St. Patrick's Williamstown. Where has the time gone?


A Look Ahead

Welcome, Father Paul Mathis

As Father Carlo now starts a new phase of his Ministry, we have exciting news for those who have not already heard. Father Paul Mathis is assigned to St. John's beginning August 10th! We are so pleased and have heard he has a great sense of humor and loves spending time with his parishioners! We now look forward to all the socials and community gatherings yet to come!

The stage is now set for future growth! As we move forward as the Faith Community of St. John's we are called to relaunch ourselves as a visible, strong enduring Catholic presence in this region, that involves us helping each other, volunteering to build and rebirth of some of our social activities and add new ones to the repertoire.

-Nancy Choquette-