Good Friday -Procession of Divine Mercy

The Procession began at 3:00pm on Good Friday; starting at St John the Evangelist Chuch and continuing through town to Manley Field (aka Catholic Field). Clergy and members of other faiths had been invited to join us.

On Main St

Rev. Steve Maddox, of the Methodist Church, joined the procession. He was behind the cross but you may be able to see his blach robe in this close-up photo.

Rev. Amy Gay of the Episcopal Church joined us, seen here in the foreground. The red robe in the center of that line is Father Stirpe's.

There was a police escort.

Almost there

The project on Manley field is not complete. There will be 14 of these iron crosses that can be lighted at night. Behind the man, you can see the concrete that will eventually be an altar, with one gigantic cross.

Father blesses the people.

The musicians

A reading

Father turns to prepare for the Veneration of the Cross.

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